This is essential for Commercial Real Estate as we become global

Reach more companies from more places & increase profit

More and more businesses are looking for commercial properties across the globe. By giving them the ability to experience your properties in a way that has them seeing and feeling it as if they were there you become the source for a base of clients the typical commercial company in your area isn’t getting. Think these new clients of your don’t talk? Or key people don’t move to competitors and talk about how innovative your marketing is? Integrate and promote this type of marketing now while your competitors haven’t figured it out yet and establish yourself as THE commercial property source that uses technology that gives businesses an edge nothing else gives.

Consider this

We understand you. We offer the right optics and the social media asset delivery to get the better relationships

  • Reduce the discovery phase by 55% because there is less back and forth from the home office to the scout because both can experience the property instantly
  • Model and measurements (accurate to NASA requirements) can be sent to the clients’ regulatory entities to get approval before moving (saves costly issues)
  • “Mattertags” and other rech media can be added to model FOR the presenter to the home office so it helps them market their services while marketing you.
  • This visual presentation breaks through usual language obstacles from reading in document format
  • Property evaluation time is 10 times longer than when they evaluate using any other type of media. The longer they interact with your property 3D model, the less they remember what was once considered competing properties
  • They forgive minor issues because they are seeing the complete property that comes from walking through it live. Usually there are surprises from photos to actually being there.
  • You can provide Matterport, video, virtual staging photos and aerial so you give them the property and community feel.

Zero Vacancy Rate & Positioned as Marketing Leader

More features and benefits

  • The 3D walkthrough is adaptable in that if you want to add video, pdf, floorplan, etc. you can swap out the day after it was created or anytime you wish
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