Marketing real estate? there is nothing better and more cost effective!

Things to consider when choosing your marketing

If you have the right combination of marketing you not only get more offers and higher commissions, you get seen as having the mark of distinction in marketing. Like Jello chocolate pudding and chocolate mouse people can tell the difference. Now you can find a great photography or a video person but you need someone that is a craftsman in everything you need to get more people from more places than you are used to putting in offers or booking your venue. This is done through having a cinematic eye when capture your property but also having the social media experience to create social media assets that get you farther than your competitors. Review the items below to see we know how to give you a comprehensive package.

Total Presentation

We don’t just push a button and hope for the best. We offer a full marketing package of 3D Virtual Reality , HDR photography, HD Video, Aerial , Virtual Staging, 2d & 3D Floor Plans and more

  • 3D virtual reality marketing using Matterport, GeoCV, iGuide and other 3D virtual reality technology
  • HDR Photography
  • HD video for walkthroughs, community experience and more
  • Aerial photos and video to give property perspective
  • Virtual staging to add design ideas and reduce actual staging cost
  • Virtual decluttering. This takes listings that are really cluttered and redesigns the possibility of what the property could be
  • 2D & 3D floor plans
  • Listing website consisting all media assets and SEO’d for google
  • Social media assets so the listing gets more views, likes and shares than any other type of marketing
  • Open house marketing to help your listing get a 95% retention rate after a day of looking at open houses
  • Chatbot to Facebook Messenger marketing system so your listings and your marketing is seen to its fullest extent & like no one is doing

Don’t take our word for it

We asked 100 real estate property and business owners to give us what they thought they got from our premium property marketing system

  • Received more offers and inquiries
  • Less showings and more offers per showings
  • More potential clients from outside of the area that placed offers on properties or booked the business venue
  • More offers
  • Used to screen lookers by requiring buyers to have looked at 3D virtual marketing before scheduling a viewing
  • Showed up higher on zillow and search results because of viewer “time on page” ranking
  • Listing website showing up on page one of google
  • More views, shares, likes and comments when posted all over social media
  • Interest after sale of property by potential buyers and sellers – Great farming tool!
  • Chatbot and Facebook Messenger marketing with 90% open rate versus 23% email open rate.

We can make you 40% more in the next 6 months

we can prove it!

  • Do you do 110 listing presentations or more per year?
  • Do you close 85% of the presentations you do?
  • Is your listing price higher or lower than you want to be?
  • Are you getting list price or over list?
  • Are you closing in days?
  • Is your commision 6% or higher all the time?
  • Do you expect to sell 25% more homes than last year?
  • Is your list price higher than last year?
  • Are you getting out of area buyers?
  • Are your former clients coming back?
  • Do you use Facebook chatbot and messenger marketing now?

  • Do you get sales from your former listings and the marketing you did?
  • Do you get sales from your facebook and other social media posts?
  • When you farm your market do you have something remarkable other agents don’t?
  • Do you spend $100 or more a month in ads?
  • What is your search engine ranking and does it deliver sales on a regular basis?
  • Do your previous sales refer you enough?
  • Are all of your Facebook fans in your FB messenger marketing system?
  • Do you have social media assets that gets views, likes, shares and contacts?
  • Do you have marketing pages of past sales or community pages that get you leads monthly?
  • What is your site’s best page concerning your bounce rate?

Social Media Assets
We get you heard, seen, shared and attracted to.

  • The right marketing can improve your sales by 44%
  • Clients get an income boost of 38% using our marketing
  • Our media is vivid, captivating, autoplay and more viral than anything you are using now
  • We get your marketing seen by friends and family and all of their friends

FB Chatbot Marketing
Anyone talking about it let alone making you money with it?

  • Facebook chatbot came out in late 2016
  • Only 3% of businesses use it
  • Open rate is 90% versus 23% for email
  • It follows up 24/7
  • it’s conversational style clients prefer versus getting attacked by agent via phone and email